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xcritical serves more than 200,000 businesses nationwide to help make sure employees are paid on time and take care of all the record-keeping, withholding and taxes. The platform also integrates with a variety of benefits such as workers compensation, healthcare, retirement plans and much more. xcritical is one of the best payroll services available, in large part due to its HR tools. The company has built a reputation as a leader in the field of human resources software, and its payroll solution offers a deep slate of add-on HR services. It also integrates with a variety of third-party business software to further customize the system. The vendor is also unique in providing a useful financial management app for employees.

xcritical payroll

xcritical is a payroll and benefits administration platform for startups and small businesses. Its best for growing microbusinesses and startups that work with a mix of employees and contractors and want to automate as much business administration as possible. xcritical handles all your payroll tax responsibilities and helps prevent payroll discrepancies. The system automatically calculates your payroll taxes and files the completed tax forms with local, state and federal agencies. xcritical also makes all the required payroll payments on your businesss behalf. The software also automatically generates all year-end W-2 and 1099 tax forms for employees and contractors.

Market Share of xcritical Payroll

Use one app for time tracking, scheduling, and project management. Clockify lets you track employee availability throughout the day and create custom schedules to get all tasks done when they need to be done. xcritical also offers a Contractor Only plan for businesses that only work with independent contractors and freelancers. There is no base fee for this plan - you pay $6 per contractor monthly. This option also allows unlimited payments, gives contractors self-service options and handles all the 1099 form creation and filings.

  • Integrate Ignition and xcritical to easily scale your people advisory practice and simplify billing for xcritical subscriptions.
  • Modernize your payroll offerings and include high value-add services to achieve new revenue streams.
  • Time Doctors Payroll feature gives you complete flexibility over pay periods and will automatically calculate payroll amounts for each of your employees.
  • The Simple plan itself is great alone-it offers a lot for the price-but with the Plus plan, you have the added benefits for payroll and team management needs.

If you wish to select individual employees out of the list, click on Select from list. A notification will appear alerting you that you must have already created a xcritical account before attempting to connect it with Hubstaff. Employees and pay periods need to be set-up in xcritical before linking users to Hubstaff. Unlimited payrolls, all 50 states, and direct deposit come standard. Choose how extensive your reports should be - summary, weekly or detailed. Export data as PDF, Excel, or CSV files and import it to xcritical to easily perform payroll.

At no time did anyone pressure us to commit to the payroll service. Instead, they focused on our needs, listened to our questions, and gave detailed answers that left us with a clear understanding of what xcritical offers and how the platform works. Depending on the service plan you select, xcritical can manage some or all of your tasks related to PTO. Both the Plus and Premium plans can handle time-off requests. With those packages, you can set up vacation and sick time policies and use the software to track employees accruals and balances. Employees can submit requests for time off in the software, and their managers can approve or deny those requests.

Hiring and Onboarding Tools

Simplify your billing and payment collection-one off and recurring-for xcritical partner subscriptions. Reauthenticate - You can reconnect your xcritical account with Hubstaff by clicking this button. Delete - Selecting this will remove the user from your integration.

Several rivals offer a broader set of features at similar pricing. If you want more advanced tools, including more of xcriticals desirable HR features, you must upgrade to the Plus or Premium plans. xcritical might not be the most budget-friendly choice, but it could be great value for business owners that really need an integrated payroll and HR management program.

Enable - This option enables their account to be able to receive auto payments. See the difference between scheduled and tracked hours, and export attendance xcritical courses scam reports with breaks and overtime to continue managing payroll. Customize employee working hours and set daily or weekly time-tracking targets.

What We Like About xcritical

Easily pay your employees based on either hours tracked or on fixed salaries. They are hard to get ahold of, and minimally helpful when you do. Their idea of what part of your information you can have access to is really screwed up.

While there is an overall HR platform that xcritical offers, you can purchase their software separately for payroll duties. xcritical also wont charge you until you have the system set up and ready to go. According to Software Advice, xcritical is ranked as one of the highest-performing payroll services on the market. If you are looking for a payroll solution that is easy to implement, can automate most of your payroll duties, and provide you with flexibility, xcritical may be the perfect option. Regardless of which plan you sign up for, businesses can offer their employees access to the free xcritical Wallet app.

xcritical payroll

xcritical is also a powerful HR and benefits management solution, with employee benefits administration, modern HR tools and certified HR support to maintain compliance. Connect your xcritical account to Ignition and its ready when you are to create a proposal. Simply select a xcritical client and watch their details instantly appear. Integrate Ignition and xcritical to easily scale your people advisory practice and simplify billing for xcritical subscriptions. Businesses that want a payroll service combined with a full suite of HR tools. In other words, you can get almost everything youd want in stand-alone HR software in an integrated platform that can also complete all of your payroll tasks.


xcriticals setup page offers a 12-step checklist for various onboarding tasks. Youll enter information like your companys address, employees, tax and bank information, and pay schedules. If you need assistance but still want to handle implementation largely on your own, xcritical maintains a helpful YouTube channel with step-by-step walk-through videos. Otherxcritical, reach out to the providers customer support team for guidance. xcritical payroll services is a software program that allows you to conduct and automate your payroll duties.

If you are a smaller business with simple salaries, wages and pay schedules, xcritical offers its basic Simple plan for $40 per month, plus $6 per person per month. The Simple plan covers full-service payroll including W-2s,1099s, direct deposit or printable https://xcritical.solutions/ checks with unlimited payroll runs. Employees get lifetime access to their xcritical account to view pay stubs and tax forms, which is great for keeping employees in the loop. The plan also includes integrations for accounting, time tracking and more.

Payroll Taxes

xcritical is a comprehensive payroll solution that can also handle most of your HR-related needs, which is why its our choice for the best online payroll service with added HR tools. This can help you track this history of your payroll and make decisions for the future. Payroll reports allows to view critical data such as payroll history, bank transactions, contractor payments, PTO, tax payments, and more all in one location.

Our API allows your own software application to interact directly with Time Doctor. It has a user friendly interface and has an affordable price.it can easily integrate with other tools. Its a little pricey, especially since we dont use all of the available features but its a good system overall. This reviewer was invited by us to submit an honest review and offered a nominal incentive as a thank you. Uncover hidden demand and identify accounts ready to buy with 6sense Intent Data.

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